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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Peace and Tranquility

 A lovely night we had in the Cluanie Inn. Good choice of whisky too. 211 different ones to be precise. Most expensive was £55. No we didn't have one of those. We had a few showers sweep by but not heavy.
 The Cluanie is in a great spot and we must come back here.

 The morning dawned sunny but by the time we had breakfast it had changed to cloudy with showers. Breakfast was excellent  We gave our compliments and paid the bill and headed off to Torridon.

 The drive from the Cluanie to Sheildaig has to be one of the most beautiful drives in the UK. Fortunately the day improved and the views were stunning.
 Stopping in Strathcarron for a few supplies and a coffee we had a call to say our cottage would be ready early and it would be ok to check in at 1.00pm.

 We made good time, not a single caravan got in the way. Our home for the week is a cottage on the south side of Loch Sheildaig in Kenmore. It is right on the loch with the wonderful sight across the loch of Beinn Alligin,

 Its a peaceful place with a sun deck. We have made good use of it this afternoon watching nature at its best. So much to see, Herons, Buzzard, Red throated divers, Cormorants, lots of the usual garden birds and even a Door mouse came to visit the dropped seeds under the bird table.

 The scene changes by the minute as the light and shadow varies with the cloud movement. We can't take our eyes off the loch as we are told Dolphins, seals and otters can be seen. The constant smile on our faces tell it all. Most wonderful.

 We now are waiting for the sun to set on our first day here and hope for good sunset.

Now where did we put the whisky.
Our stunning view. I think we might just sit here for the week.


Louise said...

A dormouse in Scotland, wow. I thought they mainly inhabited the southern counties with a few scattered colonies in Wales and the Lakes, absent from Scotland and Northern Ireland. Hope you got a photo!

AlanR said...

Hi Louise,
I have a photo, i will post it next and then i will let you decide.
I suppose it could well be a wood mouse. I admit to not knowing much about mice.
We also had another visitor last night and i have never seen one before. A real surprise to come.

Louise said...

Oh please let it be a pine martin! Now that would be a lovely treat! :-)

AlanR said...

What, even better than a slice of moist fruit cake Louise.!

Dawn said...


Louise said...

Oh yes! An otter would be Even Better. Well jel!

The Furry Gnome said...

Wonderful to find another good blog on Scotland - my favourite country to visit. I'll certainly be here regularly to follow your travels. Hoping to return ourselves next summer.

AlanR said...

Thanks Dawn, appreciate that.

AlanR said...

Well i wouldn't go as far as to say my blog was "on" Scotland but it is where we are right now and certainly a place we would love to come.
Thanks for your comment. Stay with us.

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