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Monday, January 16, 2012


The last couple of days here in Cable Bay have been beautiful and we have some walks to post. The previous few days we had torrential rain and as we came down Highway 4  we were lucky not to get caught in the landslips.
So now that we have found a spot to post some pictures this is what almost stopped us getting to Cable Bay. Some folks have been very badly affected and have had to move out of their homes. It must have been a very frightening experience.

 Today we woke up and found our Manuka had a flat tyre. Anything else for God's Sake.
The wheel nuts had been put on with an air gun and i had a right job with some assistance from a friendly local to get the wheel off.
The guy then offered to take the wheel into Nelson for us and get it fixed. How good is that.
We are now back up and running and are off to the Abel Tasman National Park tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Alan, your stoicism and good humour are a lesson to us all. I'm sure this trip will live long in the memory; glad to hear you seem to arrived at a bit of an oasis of calm for a few days.

There should be enough material for a magazine feature by the time you return. Seriously.

AlanR said...

I think i might be in an asylum before then. Just another journey through life, Sheila was paddling in Cable Bay when a large wave knocked her off balance. She lost her glasses in the surf We tried to find them but it was too rough.
She needs her glasses to drive and for long vision so she was a bit upset.
At low tide i went out and believe it or not i found them intact and with only a minor scratch.
I only came here for a holiday.

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