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Friday, January 13, 2012

Waikawa headland

  Believe it or not but the weather deteriorated last night. Torrential rain, thunder and lightening and high winds.
Our plan is to go to Nelson but the next 24hrs is not good for a high sided vehicles with winds predicted to be 140kph. We have a sheltered spot in Picton Motorhome site and this is where we will be staying.

  One good thing is that usually most travelers use Picton just as point of departure, either North on the ferry or south by road. This has given us the chance to walk along the "Snout", a narrow peninsula running NNE from Picton.

 The peninsula reaches a high point of 185m above sea level overlooking the settlement of Waikawa. A public walkway follows the ridgetop of the peninsula, connecting the Snout headland with Picton.
The eastern landform enclosing the bay is more substantial than the Snout. It is a broad hill separating Whatamango and Waikawa Bays. The main ridge  reaches a height of 518m east of the Waikawa settlement and terminates as a small low headland, Karaka Point, in the north.

We began as usual in rain, along the shore of Picton Harbour.
 We chose the path through the forestry which was being severely shaken by the strong winds but fortunately the rain was easing and was becoming quite warm.
It was quite a slippery path but it wasn't too long before we came to Bobs Bay. This would normally be a nice secluded spot but today it was quite windswept. We had a short break here and then carried on.

A rising path leads on to a lookout spot and then continues along the "Snout" path with great views out to the sound.

The guide board for this walk says 2 hours but we took about 3 1/4 with the stops for photo's etc. It was good to get out in the sun even though the wind was fierce at times and we had a few showers.
 On the return we stopped off in Picton for a deserved piece of cake and a coffee. The wind is picking up again and people are walking with a forward lean. We have just seen a lady holding onto some fencing so as not to get blown over.
  A couple of backpackers have just passed us with huge packs. It makes you wonder just what do they carry. It's like they are moving house.



Laura said...

I love the place names - are you sure you're not making them up?

AlanR said...

Hi Laura, Thanks for the comment. The place names are hard work and quite a lot are similar. A name starting with Wh is pronounced as an F or a V. Very confusing.

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