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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mercedes Wellington

This post should say something like. Wow how great today has been now that we have arrived in Wellington. But that is not the case. Due to a faulty part on the Motorhome we limped into Wellington sweating that we might not get there.
Our dear Manuka is now at the doctors or better still in dry doc having her more intimate parts looked at.
We have been well looked after by Mercedes, who eventually decided that it couldn't be repaired and a new part was needed. Unfortunately this part was in Auckland. They just about managed to place the order before the deadline time for next morning delivery.
We have now escorted her sorrowful and aching motor back to the Hutt motorhome park for geriatric 4 wheelers to shelter from humiliation.
She's looking forward to a food free quiet night before surgery in the morning and hopefully she will be all pumped up, back on all fours ready for the sea crossing.
Lets hope she doesn't suffer from sea sickness. We might be in for a restless night.
Manuka in dry doc at Mercedes in Wellington.

Me, waiting for a decision from the surgeons on whether the problem is terminal or not.

Oh the joys of motoring.


Alan Sloman said...

Oh dear...

You're not having much luck with your transport, are you? Will there be compensation?
(Lots of it)

-maria- said...

Oh no, how unfortunate. I hoped you would have had a more successful trip to NZ (it is a long way to travel there, after all). Hope the rest of your trip will be more pleasant.

AlanR said...

Hi Alan,
When you are in unfamiliar surroundings with an unfamiliar vehicle and you are not 100% sure whether you are on the right road or not and the traffic rules are different to UK then it's a little stressful when you put your foot down and nothing happens. The fact that there are a number of HGV's up your backside is not reassuring at all.
Compo! I think Nora Batty is more likely.

AlanR said...

Hi Maria,
It could have gone far smoother to say the least but we have to get over it and get on with the holiday. We are currently sat in the Merc garage again waiting for the operation to finish.
More oxygen may be needed soon.

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