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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The place that time went backwards.

  We are now in a lovely spot for a few days. The road has been washed away and it was a bit hairy getting in. I will video the way out.
The temperature today for our Cable Bay walkway was in the high twenties and it's a superb walk. Very steep in places but worth the effort.
I say "The place that time went backwards" because we are at the place where the telegraph cable first came ashore in New Zealand South island. Today there is neither a public phone or a mobile phone signal. You may well be thinking how is he doing this post. Well we have searched out a cove on the beach where we must be just in range of the town of Nelson.
 There is not enough bandwidth to post images so i will have to adjust the camera settings to enable me to post them. I am learning all the time.
 But how bad is it that the first place of communication here now has nothing.
More later.

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