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Monday, January 9, 2012

NZ Weather- summer eh?

I know the weather has been bad in UK but let me tell you it is no better here in NZ. We got the Motorhome sorted and then headed for Taupo via Hamilton overnight.
It absolutely poured down most of the afternoon and all night. We moved on into Tongariro National Park and took a quick but eventful walk around the Lake Rotopounamu.
It was raining quite heavy as we set off but within about 15 mins the wind picked up and became quite strong.
The lake had flooded quite a lot of the track and barred our path. As we turned to return we heard a tree come crashing down. The wind was howling through the canopy and was quite scary.
We hurried back to the van as more branches were tumbling.
We decided to head for the motorhome park where the Alpine crossing starts. 2 big trees had just come down at the front of the park and all hands were clearing the way. Gary who runs the place told us where to put the van so that it didn't get blown over. The wind was 130kph.
More trees were crashing around and more people were pulling in.
After about 4 hours it started to ease. Thankfully we were all ok. Gary said that was the worst storm in the Tongariro for at least ten years. I will post some pictures when we get a better internet connection.


Phreerunner said...

It has calmed down at home, Alan. We had a good walk yesterday and the forecast is fair. Not that that's much comfort to you! You really should try to get up Mount Ngauruhoe whilst you're there. It's a fine stroll around the summit, and descent must be one of the world's best scree runs.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame me for this one! Hope it improves for the rest of your holiday.

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
The plan for Tongariro was to do a lot of the outlying tracks and to go some way up the track depending on Dorothy. She has done well so far.
But, the weather is awful. So bad that we cannot see the hills. we decided to move west to Wanganui to get some brighter weather. Route 4 had so many landslides, the road was blocked in parts and civils were clearing up.
We need to be in Wellington on thursday night for the ferry on friday morn so we needed to move on unfortunately.

AlanR said...

I am told we have to blame the Aussies for this one. So no blame your way.

markswalkingblog said...

Yes but was it warm rain ?

I hope the weather improves for you.

AlanR said...

Hi Mark,
Yes it was warm rain.
The forecast is not good. We have just got caught again in another down pour. It's not our lucky day.

Customer Care Team - Britz Campervans said...

Hi Alan R

We have really enjoyed reading about your travels so far and love all of the wonderful photos, though we do wish to apologise again for the frustration caused when you collected your campervan. If there is anything we can do to help you while on your journey, or you wish to provide us with any feedback, we would love to hear from you and can be contacted at

Wishing you safe and happy travels
The Customer Care team - Britz campervans

AlanR said...

Thanks for comment. Things have not improved as we have now spent the afternoon in the staff canteen at a Mercedes garage in Wellington with a throttle/automatic gearbox problem.
Hopefully the right part turns up tomorrow and the garage can fix it in time for us to get on the ferry with a safe vehicle. Having had a scary experience with a large truck pushing us up a hill when we had no power is something i never want to experience again.

Debbie O'Connor said...

Hi Alan

Loving your blog and all the pics, you are doing a great job. We feel like we are on the journey with you.

Hope your little honey gets fixed tomorrow so you can get on the ferry to beautiful Picton.

Looking forward to catching up with you all on the 25 Jan.


AlanR said...

Hi, Glad you are finding the blog enlightening. Very soon you will be on the journey with us. We are looking forward to you flying in soon.
Maybe the luck will change when you get here.
OMG, just realised it's almost Friday the 13th.

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