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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Manuka and Whangarei

Tuesday 3rd Jan.

This was what we classed as the holiday proper.
It amounted to taxiing to Britz campervans HQ, picking up the "Van" and then pleasantly driving north to Whangarei.
 We arrived early at Britz and started the process of hire. Then just as the form filling etc was complete, there was noticed a short pause of breath from the lady. It turned out that the van designated had not been taxed and it was due to run out in 3 days.
 We were shown an alternative but it was not up to much and would have been too tight for the 3 of us. We said we wanted the vehicle we booked and payed for last May.
 There was lots of worried discussions going on and after about 1 hr not much had happened to get us on our way.
Eventually, because they were not resolving it, and frustration and annoyance was creeping in, i suggested to them that we take the van and return it in 3 days so that we could get the required documentation and test cert.
 They looked pleased and said that it would only take an hour if we were prepared to bring it in.
Well we didn't have much of an option as far as we could see, without losing a couple of days holiday anyway.
 We watched a video of the vehicles technical bits and then as we set off we realised that it was a completely different video to what we had. I was not going back to watch another video so off we jolly well went. We quickly Cristened the van "Manuka" because she's a honey.
"Manuka" in all her glory

  Whether it was just frustration or stupidity we ended up going the wrong way. We were heading west towards the coast and not for the Highway 1 north.
I asked for directions and eventually got to where we were intending.
 It rained a bit and then a lot, and then a lot more.

We arrived in Whangarei and just for a few minutes it stopped raining. Then the fun started, trying to get everything on the van connected and powered up when we didn't have a clue what did what or where anything was located..
Anyway most things we have now got sorted.

 We went for a walk, at last! Although yes, it was chucking it down. Nothing exciting, just getting our bearings and looking for food and the start point for a couple of walks that hopefully won't tax Dorothy too much, so we will do that tomorrow.


Phreerunner said...

Happy New Year - we hope you soon get into a proper rhythm, at one with your surroundings.
We had a beautiful day here in Timperley, yesterday. But rain again today.
Have fun.

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
Not had much blue sky yet. But very humid, wet gear dries within 1hr.
Diesel is cheap at £0.75p per litre. Petrol is dearer at £1.00/litre. £1 = NZ$2.04.
I see you have joined the Mountain bike club so they will be introduced to fudge then.

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