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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Manuka's Operation

Well after a fitful night we gently held Manuka's steering wheel and led her cautiously into operating pit 2 at Merc Wellington at 7.30am.
As we entered the pre-op waiting room we were met by Tony Hiener who tried his best to put us at ease. Copious amounts of tea and coffee were put at our disposal as well as a distracting video of some new operations working well.
 The parts for the transplant had arrived safely on the overnight courier from Auckland.
We all stood at the window as she was led away by Tony's skilled team, the surgeon dressed in a red and grey coverall, computer in hand, wires trailing gave us the thumbs up that all would be ok.
 We sat down to wait. We had been upgraded now into more salubrious surroundings as we were unsure just how long the anesthetic would take to wear off.

 Sheila was becoming a bit panicky as Manuka came out of surgery only to be rushed back in. It looked like she may not make it. However 1hr later,sweating and smiling Tony came to us with the post op results.
All's well he said. We smiled a smile of relief. We signed the release papers and were taken to be reunited with our poorly soul.
We hit the accelerator and she bounced with glee. The team waved as we said our goodbyes and headed back to the Motorhome park for breakfast and chill before we move off to the Picton ferry terminal.

All our thanks to Phil Wheelans and his guys who did us proud and got us safely on our way. Especially Tony for his support.


  1. Hope the rest of the holiday goes well!

  2. HI Robin, we have just woken up from thunder and lightening and rain all night, it was so loud. We were due to head to the Nelson region today but they have given out severe weather warning with gusts of 130kpms so we are staying put in picton for another day.

  3. Alan - bound to get better from now on - cannot get worst! - can it?

    Here is hoping you can get a head of steam up !!

  4. Hi Mark,
    Yes you are right. Today we have done a lovely walk. In fact the temperature was in the high 20's and the path very steep. If i can get an internet signal soon that will load images i will do a post with some terrific views.


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